List of underrated Aqua park and Inflatable Park that you should not miss.

Aqua park and an inflatable park is now on trend, and almost every resort is now planning to invest in installing one. You know, people nowadays get bored doing the same routine, we always want to try something new. We seek for new adventures. We love to venture and experience something we never tried before.

Speaking of adventure, summer is fast approaching, do you have plans already? Swimming? Nah! Why do the usual if you can level up your summer this 2019! Enjoy a thrilling adventure and experience the fun with AquaPlay Park! Here’s a list of underrated aqua park and inflatable park that you should not miss this summer.

Sabando Ocampo Beach Resort

If you are looking for an interesting, scenic, and unique place for a special event or family occasion, then worry not because Sabando-Ocampo Resort is to the rescue. What makes it different? Well, Sabando-Ocampo Resort is located in Albay, and that is the reason why it is ideal for those who love scenic backdrop, picturesque view, and well suited for quiet reflection and tranquil serenity.

Photo credits to Sabando-Ocampo Beach Resort Page

Kamia Bay Resort

Palawan is popular for its stunning beaches, turquoise water, abundant marine life, and breathtaking views. Little did you know that you can do more than that, as there’s a resort who offers inflatable park in the province too. The Kamia Bay Resort is not your typical laid-back resort because here, you can enjoy an extreme adventure with its inflatable park. Get that adrenaline rush going because Kamia Bay Resort claims that they aqua park is the biggest not only in the country but in the whole Asia.

Photo credits to Kamia Bay Resort Page

What do they have in common?

Well, this inflatable park paradise is both made by AquaPlay Park. They have been running for 29 years of “play” design experience for inflatables. And now they are in the Philippines to put thei 29 years of experience of play and fun for the people and increase the safety element and the excitement factor of water parks. Founded by the Canadian designer and inflatable expert Peter Appleton who is one of only a few pioneers in this inflatable leisure and amusement industry. With AquaPlay Park Philippines, they are always coming up with new designs and innovation on a constant basis due to this long run of experience. They work with their partners from beginning to end. They like to create our parks the BIGGEST!

What’s to expect in the future?

They have more projects in the country, meaning more fun and enjoyable inflatable park for us! Two of their upcoming biggest project are The Seashore Beach Club and Siargao Waterworld.

For inquiries on AquaPlay Parks and opportunities, you can contact them via mobile number 0917-949 1926 or send them an email at

Website: AquaPlay Park

Facebook: AquaPlay Parks Philippines

Instagram: @aquaplayparkadventures

1 thought on “List of underrated Aqua park and Inflatable Park that you should not miss.”

  1. Inflatable water parks are so cool and fun! They bring everyone back to a childhood memory or a child-like state. I remember the old days when we played on one little square wooden raft, splinters and nails were something we just accepted. Thinking our flips and splashes were the greatest in the world.
    NOW! wow! We can climb higher, faster, bigger, better on an inflatable water park. Now, I can finally impress that girl over there with my triple flips and monstrous splashes…Did she look?

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