TeaMi – a healthy option for milk tea lovers

Milk tea is gaining popularity these past few years, and this trend is getting bigger. As a matter of fact, milk tea cafes are all over the places especially in the Metro, as people are switching to milk tea. It is not surprising that many entrepreneurs want to have a milk tea shop as a start-up business, as it has plenty of potentials not only in the present but also in the future. Speaking of milk tea, there’s a new milk tea in town that you should try – the TeaMi.

They just opened their second branch at the 2nd level of League One Southgate Tower, formerly known as Alphaland Southgate besides MRT Magallanes Station. TeaMi also has a branch in DBP Head office, and they are planning to open ten more branches this year so brace yourself, they are coming for you.

I know, there are lots of milk tea options in the market, but what makes TeaMi different is that they don’t use creamer for their teas. Creamer is not healthy for the body, and that is the reason why they switched to this secret recipe so you can enjoy your tea guilt-free. Hence the tagline, Better Tea, Better Mi (me).

TeaMi drinks are affordable, and it ranges from 80PHP to 120PHP depending on the size and flavor. My personal favorite is the Dirtea series. I like that they used fresh and real fruit chunks on every tea, which makes it more interesting and yummy.

TeaMi also has this 10-second challenge that you can try.

How to redeem:

1. Buy any TeaMi products at League One branch (former Alphaland Southgate) and keep the receipt.

2. Post a selfie of yourself holding TeaMi products on your social media accounts and tag us at Facebook and Instagram. Use our hashtag #TeaMi and #10SecondsChallenge .

3. Approach our staff so they can accommodate you to play the 10 Seconds Challenge.

How to play:

1. Press the red button once to start the timer and then press the button again to stop the timer.

2. You should get exactly 10.00 to win TeaMi coupon.

Facebook: TeaMi

Instagram: @teamiph

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