What’s in my mail: Spoonful Desserts

Spoonful Desserts started conceptualizing their products last August 2016 after watching a TV feature about the cheesecake in a jar. Through that concept, Spoonful’s founder has started with the ideation of flavored leche flan in a jar, the innovation of classic leche flan. And to make it more unique and exciting, flavor toppings were added to it.

Spoonful Desserts (formerly known as John’s Spoonful Desserts) initially had four flavors: Mango Cashew, Pandan Nata Lychee, Strawberry Kiwi, and Coffee Jelly Walnut. They were launched in October 2016.

Through the continuous Research and Development with the support of DTI Laguna, Spoonful were able to grow the market and improve their products, from branding to packaging. They are working to be the best and largest artisan dessert-on-the-go. And their mission is to promote the goodness of Filipino delicacies, make every customer happy, and provide opportunities through entrepreneurship. They invest in developing their product to create an extraordinary flavored leche flan experience.

Spoonful Desserts offer flavored leche flan in jars, flavored cream flans, and gold series freezer cakes. In my case, I got the chance to try their flavored leche flan in jars. They sent me five flavors: Caramel Almonds, Choco Fudge, Blueberry, Matcha Green Tea, and Mango Cashew.

Caramel Almonds – leche flan with sweet caramel and almonds on top
Choco Fudge – chocolate flavored leche flan with chocolate crumbs on top
Blueberry – leche flan with blueberry jam on top
Matcha Green Tea – matcha flavored leche flan with matcha powder on top
Mango Cashew – leche flan with real mangoes and cashews on top

My favorite is the Blueberry; it matches the leche flan perfectly! But the Matcha Green Tea is really interesting as it is the first matcha flavored leche flan I ever tasted.

– Caramel Almonds Flavored Flan
– Choco Fudge Flavored Flan
– Matcha Green Tea Flavored Flan
– Mango Cashew Flavored Flan
– Blueberry Flavored Flan

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Instagram: @spoonfuldessertsph

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