What’s in my mail: Sinful Chip

The owner of Sinful Chip is an aspiring chef and baker, husband, and a father. Frustrated for not being able to crack a slot in pre-ordering from a popular online cookie store, he decided to research for hundreds of popular cookie recipes online and learn to bake on his own. After days and months of practice, he was able to formulate his own recipe and started giving away samples to friends and families, who immediately liked it and called for it to be made available for purchase. Hence, the birth of Sinful Chip.

They sent me their Chocolate Chip Cookie and Blonde Chocolate Chip Cookie – both are their best sellers. The Sinful Chocolate Chip Cookie is fudgy and soft in the middle, and have just enough crunch on the sides. It is studded with generous amounts of chocolates. They are using two kinds of chocolate for this cookie – one from a famous French brand and the other one is from an American brand. While the Blonde Chocolate Chip Cookie is a chocolate-flavored dough infused with a dulce-like blonde chocolate bean and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Its combination results into a unique chocolate bliss, that can surely be enjoyed by the cookie and chocolate lovers.

Both are larger than the usual regular sized cookies, and best served with milk on the sides. The cookie itself is soft and chewy, so for those who like their cookies chewy and tasty, Sinful Chip is totally worth the try.


Sinful Chip accepts delivery within Metro Manila and shipping for provinces. They also have meet-up and pick-up schedules. To order, message them on Instagram.

– Chocolate Chip Cookie
– Blonde Chocolate Chip Cookie

Facebook: Sinful Chip
Instagram: @sinfulchip

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