What’s in my mail: Seared and Served

Seared and Served launched last year, and the person behind it was a chef for over 16 years. He got tired of working for someone else, so he decided to try it on his own.

Seared and Served started off with Paella. People often think that Paellas are expensive, but Seared and Served’s goal is to serve you with affordable yet yummy Paellas. Aside from party trays, they also offer ”Paella Bar” for those who want to have a paella spread for their events.

Seared and Served sent me their Paella Negra, Paella Maria, Roastbeef Belly, Baked Lasagna, and Salted Egg Sauce.

Paella Negra – usually, Paella Negra is just a squid ink rice, but they tweaked it a little and added some chicken and squid to make it more interesting

Paella Maria – it is one of their signature dishes and their best seller too. Paella Maria has chicken and pork, with some veggies on top. Clients prefer this one because it is affordable.

Roastbeef Belly – its meat is tender and juicy, and best paired with its special gravy. I like that its meat is so soft and savory.

Baked Lasagna – it has a generous amount of beef and cheese

Salted Egg Sauce – it can be used as a dip for chips and other fried foods. You can also saute it with butter and coat it on your breaded or stir-fried seafood, pork or chicken. Another application is using it as a pasta sauce, just add cream to your pasta when tossing it.

Seared and Served accept deliveries within Metro Manila. They also accept catering for intimate events.

– Paella Negra
– Paella Maria
– Roastbeef Belly
– Baked Lasagna
– Salted Egg Sauce

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