What’s in my mail: Rare Food Shop

Rare Food Shop is based in Metro Manila which specializes in supplying imported meat to hotels and restaurants since 2012. Rare Food Shop now delivers straight to your household quality meat, seafood and chicken with just a click. Their goal is to give people the ability to purchase premium meat and seafood without the hassle of going to a supermarket or butcher (esp. with traffic nowadays).

They sent me the USDA prime ribeye, the highest grade possible for US beef. Only 2 % of all the cattle raised in the US are graded prime. The Bolzico beef tenderloin and ribeye – grass-fed, organic and free-range beef that comes from Argentina and is healthier and leaner compared to most beef. And the last but definitely not the least, the lamb rack (frenched).

With the popularity of home cooking, Rare Food Shop promises to provide people the same meat and seafood found in the best restaurants. This gives people a cheaper alternative than to eat out.

– USDA Prime ribeye
– Bolzico beef tenderloin
– Bolzico beef ribeye
– Lamb rack (frenched)

Thank you Rare Food Shop for sending over premium quality meats!

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Instagram: @rarefoodshop

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