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Nimo TV launches “Give an AngPao to your favorite Streamer”.

Inspired by the positivity, generosity and the friendly nature of the earth pig, Nimo TV launches another exciting promo titled “Give an AngPao to your favorite Streamer” from February 1 to 8, 2019.

What is an AngPao?

AngPao in Chinese and other East Asian cultures is a gift customarily given during holidays or special occasions. As a gesture of gratitude and appreciation, the red colored envelope denotes good luck and ward off harmful spirits. Nimo TV’s virtual AngPao, an in-app feature can be given to any streamers you follow to help increase their popularity. Each AngPao valued at 100 coins that can be used to interact with your favorite Nimo TV streamers.

How to get coins?

By watching your favorite streamers’ LIVE streaming, you can claim the Daily Coins Reward. The longer you stay, the more coins you earn and the more AngPao you can give to your favorite streamer. Download the Nimo TV app at Apple app store and Google Play store for more exciting and exclusive content. Click the link here. Nimo TV


Note: This is a press release.

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