What’s in my mail: Mirabelle’s Cakes and Confectionery

Mirabelle’s Cakes and Confectionery is a home baker who has a passion for cooking and love for baking. She started baking out as a hobby, and then later on, she decided to turn it into a business. Mirabelle’s Cake and Confectionery’s name came from her daughter – Kara Mirabelle. It all started in year 2015, and her first cake was her daughter’s first birthday cake.

Mirabelle’s focus on seasonal cakes and custom fondant cakes for all occasions. I got the chance to try her tin can cakes; flavors are BTS Chocolate Cake and Caramel Cake.

Her luscious Caramel Cake is a combination of chocolate and vanilla chiffon with caramel icing on top. Its brilliant chiffon has a balanced flavor of chocolate and vanilla, giving this caramel cake a new twist. It is moist and fluffy, just how chiffon cakes should be. Its caramel icing melts in your mouth and it’s so good, you’ll crave for more. I am not a fan of caramel cake, to be honest, but this one is something I will gladly eat. While her BTS Chocolate Cake has a rich and moist base, with solid layers of chocolate goodness. Its sweetness is not overwhelming, so I recommend this for those who like their chocolate cake not that sweet yet heavenly good.

– BTS Chocolate Cake
– Caramel Cake

Facebook: Mirabelle’s Cake and Confectionery

Instagram: @mirabelles_cc

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