I made a mistake.

I’ve been blogging for quite long now, more than 10 years I believe, but I admit I still commit mistakes. I still learn everyday and it makes me happy that adventure never stops especially when you are doing what you love.

Today, however, is what I call a good-bad day, as I’ve learn a very important lesson – value everyone’s time and effort.

Although I know deep inside that I value other people – both stranger or people I know, I still make mistakes that I don’t intentionally do but still commit it anyway due to lack of responsibility.

It’s been a very busy month (and I am not complaining), people who are close to me know my battles, and I am thankful that there’s this people who always remind me that there is hope in every sunset.

Today, I found out that I have been neglecting  one of my promises, and it’s been a few months since it was promised. It is my responsibility to take care of my promises to all my clients, and today, I failed. To Tyler’s Treats, I am sorry. Words cannot express how truly sorry I am for the inconvenience that you experienced. For the effort and time that you give. This is especially saddening because Escape with Alyzza is founded and built because of the love of food and travel, but today, I failed. This serves as a lesson to me, and rest assured that from now on, I will be more careful and more responsible with the promises I do.

I hope you can accept my sincere apologies. You walked into my life and thought me a special lesson, and I will learn from it so that I will not make the same mistake twice.

Again, I am really, really, realllly sorry.

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