Reasons why I love my Chad Sofa Bed by Home Suite

My house is quite small so having a sofa bed is something I need. I don’t have extra rooms for guests or even spare beds for them to sleep so owning a sofa bed would be really helpful for me. Fortunately, I won a Chad Sofa Bed by Home Suite in a raffle. I was so happy and it’s overwhelming because it is the first time I won in a raffle.

They delivered my Chad Sofa Bed right in front of my doorsteps and I immediately set it up with the help of my partner. We were just starting to live together so we only have few furniture and sadly, we don’t have a sofa yet – not until now. After setting it up, I instantly fell in love with the comfort it gave me as I sit down. I enjoyed the moment for a good 5 minutes, and then I realize, it’s worth the wait!

Looks like my little girl enjoyed it more.

So I’ve been using my Chad Sofa Bed for a day and here are the reasons why I love it.


The most important thing to consider when choosing the right sofa bed is comfortability. You will sit on it, sleep on it, so make sure it’s going to be comfy or else, you will suffer. Chad Sofa Bed is so comfy, I had a good night sleep on it on my first day. I am now confident in accepting overnight visitors as I am sure that they will have a comfortable night sleeping on it.


There are tricky sofa beds that look big and bulky but when you look closely, the area that you can use is small. Meaning, it will eat up a lot of space but when you try to sit on it, only two people can fit. Chad Sofa Bed has the right size, the sofa is best for small spaces, but can fit up to four to five people sitting. When turned into a bed, surprisingly, it can fit two people sleeping comfortably.


When it comes to the sofa bed, I prefer metal frame than wood. A metal frame is more durable and reliable, and it can last for years with easier maintenance. It is also easier to clean and fix. Chad Sofa Bed has thick and heavy metal frames, and I like it because it only means I am getting a really solid and good sofa bed that will stay for years.


It is gray so it’s a plus point since I want my house in a black-white-gray theme. The design is simple yet it looks classy. You can easily mix and match it with your other furniture in a breeze.


Home Suite is known for its high-quality products. My mom loves to buy furniture from Home Suite and it’s amazing that whenever I visit my mom’s house, the furniture is still there – looking good as always. Now that I buy my own furniture, I am confident that this sofa bed will last, as it is from Home Suite.

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