What’s in my mail: Boarcher Cebu Lechon House

You no longer have to wait for your Lechon from Cebu to arrive in Manila. Boarcher freshly roast your orders here in Manila. They deliver your orders to your home right out from the roasting pit wherever and whenever you need it.

Boarcher prepare and roast every order, the Cebuano way. Expect nothing short from having an authentic Cebu Lechon in every order. They only roast native pigs, in order to ensure the quality of every Lechon. Enjoy your feasts and festivities with Boarcher’s Lechon, as you create more memories with your family and friends.

Thank you Boarcher Cebu Lechon for sending me lechon.

– Lechon
– Lechon Sisig

Facebook: Boarcher Cebu Lechon House
Instagram: @boarcher.cebulechonhouse

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