What’s in my mail: Bai’s Boneless Lechon

Pinoy gathering is never complete without the much-anticipated food on every Pinoy feast – the glistening and glorious Lechon in the center of the buffet. When it comes to Lechon, one thing will enter your mind, that’s for sure – and that is the famous roasted pig of Cebu. Cebu’s Lechon is probably one of the most sought-after dishes in the country, and it is well loved not only by the locals but also by the tourists. That is the reason why Anthony Bourdain; one of the most famous and respected chef around the world, author, and travel documentarian, called our Cebu Lechon the best roasted pig in the world.

However, as much as we wanted to enjoy Cebu’s famous Lechon, it wouldn’t be practical and easy to travel from Manila to Cebu just to buy Lechon – that’s for sure. Not unless you are staying in Cebu for a couple of days, or you have relatives and friends going there. Good thing, I learned that there’s a store here in Manila who offers Cebu’s heavenly Lechon, and the best part here is – they do deliver!

Bai’s Boneless Lechon offers oven-roasted pork belly. This scrumptious rolled-up log of succulent roast pig is perfectly seasoned with the right blend of herbs and spices. The skin is so crispy and its pork belly is layered with balanced fat and meat, so you’ll surely enjoy this sinful yet heavenly piece of meat.

Bai’s Boneless Lechon Cebu stand-out because they only use high-quality ingredients for every slab of Lechon they are selling. Their pork bellies are from a top-notch Canadian company, making every batch of meat is in premium quality. They also make sure that Bai’s Boneless Lechon is a cook per order basis, so you will be getting a freshly cook Lechon every time you order.

Bai’s Boneless Lechon comes in two flavors; the original and spicy. The original is undoubtedly a crowd pleaser. It has flavorful marinade oozing through its meat, and it is filled with well-balanced herbs and spices giving a depth of flavor in every bite. While the spicy is for those who can take a bite of some heat, and loves that extra zing in every bite. Basically, you will get the same flavor as the original, but with some kick of peppers, chilis, and other spices. Its spices are well distributed in the filling, so you will experience a balanced heat all over your mouth.

– Bai’s Boneless Lechon Original
– Bai’s Boneless Lechon Spicy

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