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Artsy Baker is a mom-and-daughter team who loves to share their passion for baking. The mom bakes while the daughter does the decorating. What a lovely team, ayt? Artsy Baker specializes in customized sugar cookies and handpainted cakes. They can do any theme that you can think of – the sky’s the limit.

Paint-your-own cookie kits

What I like about them is that they also have paint-your-own cookie kits, where you can enjoy to paint your own cookie. If you have kids, this is probably a great way to bond with your kid while they also learn and improve their art skills. The kit includes the cookie with a draft, a paintbrush, and the colors that you will use.




Hand painted cakes

Icing and fondant cakes are too common nowadays, so why not try handpainted cakes instead? If you like your cake unique, then this is possibly the best option. Just like with the sugar cookies, you can also choose the theme that you want for your cake. Flavors available are chocolate-banana and ultimate chocolate flavors.

Customized sugar cookies

Maybe you are thinking, sugar cookies are quite common now but what makes them different is that they are customized, and what makes them stand out is that their sugar cookies are actually tasty and delicious. I have tried other sugar cookies and they taste bland but sugary. All you can feel is the sugar all over your mouth without any distinct taste that will make you crave for more. With Artsy Baker, their cookies are not just sweet but also taste great. They have two flavors available, the vanilla sugar cookies and chocolate sugar cookies.


Souvenir and gift ideas

Looking for a unique gift? Artsy Baker.
Want to level up your party by serving yummy treats? Artsy Baker.
Cute giveaways and souvenirs? Artsy Baker.
Bored with the common fondant and icing cake? Artsy Baker.

How to order

You can order by sending them a message on their social media accounts. They accept deliveries through Grab or Lalamove if you are within Metro Manila and other nearby cities. But they also offer nationwide shipping for the sugar cookies. They also accept bulk orders.

Facebook: The Artsy Baker

Instagram: theartsybaker


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