Ortigas Art Festival 2019 at Estancia – highlighting over 100 artists

Ortigas & Company launched the 10-day Ortigas Art Festival to plead on their commitment to bring arts and culture closer to everyone. The first festival was held last year, and it turned out to be successful, with lots of people attending the said event. Now on its second year, to pursue the commitment given towards arts, the exhibit continues to put efforts in establishing Estancia as the art hub of Ortigas. This year’s exhibit focuses on individual artists to the spotlight, as they showcase their creative individuality and placing them at the forefront of the art scene.

The man behind the concept is Renato Habulan, a renowned social realist painter. He suggested tapping various groups of artists from all over the country and give them a venue where they can exhibit their masterpiece. Where people can see their work, where people can appreciate their art. There is no admission for the exhibit, and everyone is welcome to visit and witness the talent of our local artists.

Featured Artists

Benjie Torrado Cabrera

The only engraver in the country specializing in this laborious, centuries-old medium. His works, which are
complex in detail, are inspired by his interest in cosmology, with geometric shapes and spheres that signify the universe.

Darwin “Japat” Guevarra

A self-taught artist inspired by the works of masters and his peers, showcases works that reflect his concepts of life and social realism, expressed through his mastery of the paintbrush, sculpting, photography, and experimenting with scrap and molded materials.

Bern Wong

With her camera that has captured the most moving meditative and breathtaking landscapes she has seen encountered in her travels. Her works express the minimal, abstract, and even the surreal aspects of places she visits.

Richard Buxani

An architect who has since harnessed his talent to create sculptures made out of metal. Inspired by Ronald Castrillo, Richard discovered a natural fondness for bending, crafting, cutting,
welding and molding materials – which will be showcased at the art festival.

Also joining the art festival are artists from all over the country, whose works mirror the great talent of Filipino artists. The roster includes AgawXena, Agos Kulay Maynila, Banta Artist Initiative, Himbon, Biskeg, The Guild, Group Artists of Taytay, Association of Pinoy Printmakers, Hilaga, and Westgrove Fine Arts.

To create a more interactive and immersive art experience, various activities have also been lined up, which visitors can join for free. On February 23, master engraver Benjamin Cabrera shows his prowess in print-making. For those interested in watercolors, watercolor artist Peter Sutcliffe will hold tutorials on February 24 and March 2. On March 3, Renato Habulan introduces guests to Print Alla Prima with the Master. Throughout the festival, the public is also encouraged to participate through the “Comment Areas” where they can share their thoughts and opinions to let the artists know how their works are perceived.

The rapidly-evolving festival has already grabbed the attention of various artists from across the globe, including some from New York, Los Angeles, and Singapore who want to become part of this movement– a sign that bigger and better things will come about in the coming years for Ortigas Art Festival.

”Ortigas & Company is delighted to see that support for contemporary Philippine art has been growing. As part of our commitment to the arts, we are holding the second run of this art festival in the hope that this will increase appreciation for the creative individuality of artists. By holding this in Estancia, we are also making art accessible to Filipinos, especially for our mall patrons and the Capitol Commons community,” concluded Arch. Renee Bacani, VP of Ortigas & Company.

For updates and more information on the Ortigas Art Festival, connect through its Instagram and Facebook page and use the hashtag #OrtigasArtFestival.

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