It’s More Fun, On an Aqua Park, in The Philippines

The Philippine beach experience has never been more exciting than ever! Many resorts started adding inflatable water parks to our ocean shores. More importantly, this summer will bring, not just another water barrel of fun and thrill, but this time, will add two more parks for Luzon and Mindanao! These two new parks are featuring 2 big monster slides. One super water park slide, and one giant monster half pipe slide. After almost three decades of supplying inflatables of all types in Canada and other points in the west, Aqua Play Parks finally made its way to the Asian market in 2010. It installed its very first inflatable water park in the Pacific at the Club Balai Isabel, Talisay, Batangas.

Boasting its very first 3-in1 slide, the park’s Monster Slide has since been featured in multiple television show for its unique make and towering height.

And that is what Aqua Play Parks is all about – creating one-of-a-kind parks that can captivate hundreds of people per day in a single resort! Much more with the addition of the newest water park slide which we call the Giant monster half pipe that slides you down and swings you up again before landing into the water!

These Giant floating water slides are products of the imagination, creativity and architectural expertise of the company’s very own CEO, Mr. Peter Appleton.

Made from carefully-selected materials and in crafted in his own manufacturing company in China, Mr. Appleton has always done hands-on production inspection to ensure quality. Having the 30 years of experience in safety design, Mr. Appleton has taken every step to build a structure that balances well in strong winds and yet provides the height and slopes for that special “jet” feel.

And for resort owners this means PROFIT…

And for tourists this means SAFETY while ENJOYING!

The Canadian inflatable water park designer and manufacturer has been competing side by side with other international distributors of floating water parks. Although some are bigger with installations in America and Europe, Aqua Play Parks managed to earn its bragging rights when it Image 3 won the Guinness Book of World Record title for the HIGHEST FLOATING WATER SLIDE IN THE WORLD in 2016.

Since then, Aqua Play Parks lived with the aim of continuously improving its parks by offering innovative designs each year to keep up with the trend in ocean adventure. And with its motto: “The WOW factor in every Aqua Play Parks project,” this giant in floating water park industry is now ready to climb to greater heights this 2019!

In fact, just this year, it added a high-tower trampoline into its portfolio and it’s nothing like your ordinary trampoline. The part features three layers of ramp before you get to the trampoline at the fourth level. Now, you have two ways on how you can enjoy this trampoline. First is by slashing down the water through the diving board at the third level and the second is by jumping up and down on the trampoline.

But wait! Going up will be a challenge too most especially when you are in a race with others.

And of course, we have the 3-in-1 water park slide. which is Aqua Play Parks’ flagship.

Slide down, rappel down or dive from the summit – these are 3 exciting ways to experience the monster slides! This apparatus is also the first of its kind. None from any other distributors have this design and these slides can be found here in the Philippines!

Apart from these two, Aqua Play Parks instill more thrills among tourists with its other obstacles like the water roller, Saturn rocker, jungle joe, iceberg, human launcher and monkey bars, some and standalone parts like the volleyball court and swan floaters.

PH Inflatable Water Park Projects

Since it started to introduce better-quality floating parks in the Philippines in the year 2017, Aqua Play Parks now has 3 projects serving tourists from all parts of the country and foreign visitors.

CBI Water Park, Club Balai Isabel

Aqua Play Parks first created a buzz in the ocean adventure industry in the Philippines when it installed the striking white and gray themed park at the Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas. This park also used the very first 3-in-1 Monster Slide which is over 30 feet high!

Accessible to people in Central and Northern Luzon, this park is only 2 hours away from the Metro.

Kamia Bay Resort

If you think Palawan is just about stunning beaches, turquoise water, and abundant marine life, then you must see Puerto Princesa Palawan. There you’ll see the second floating park installed by Aqua Play Parks which also serves as the first extreme ocean activity in the whole province.

Filled with adrenaline-pumping obstacles, this installation is currently the biggest in the country.

Sabando Ocampo Beach Resort

Opened to entertain the people in South Luzon, this inflatable water park in Oas, Albay made the secluded beach more alive and inviting!

Already tested for its quality after a typhoon hit it right after installation, the SOBR inflatable park stood
still and tall! And now, it’s serving hundreds of people from regular tourists to corporate guests who
wish to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

3 Best Aqua Parks for 2019

Be prepared to see more of Aqua Play Parks masterpieces as it opens 3 more parks in April!

Siargao Waterworld

The first ever floating water park in Mindanao will be from Aqua Play Parks. This new tourist attraction will feature a lavish glamping along the world-famous shoreline of Siargao Province.

Although smaller than the other previous parks, the two giant slides in this Siargao project surely won’t disappoint! Having many new pieces designed for the larger Ninja warrior course, you will be able to test your skills with some of them here.

The Seashore Beach Club

Elegant and fun isn’t a bad combination after all. Ready to clash with the many other inflatable parks in Batangas, the San Juan project will boast another 2 giant slides and high trampoline in the elegant facility of The Seashore Beach Club.

A grand beach party and social media event will also happen during the openings as we go live and wild in celebrating these two new tourist destinations.

But that’s not all!

Several other installations are waiting to happen this year!

The biggest inflatable water park not just the country, not just in Asia…but IN THE WHOLE WORLD will soon open in the Visayas Region, Bohol!

Featuring a Twin and the Tallest of all slides, Floating Trampoline Volleyball Court and The First ever, Floating Ninja Warrior Course, Aqua Play Parks is set to make another record that will be recognized globally!

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