Travel goals? Bring back more enjoyment with American Tourister.

How many times have you gone on an out-of-town trip this year? Chances are, if you’re between 18 to 35 years old, or to be specific a millennial, you would have already traveled at least once this 2018 and have other upcoming vacations planned up your sleeve for the rest of the year. For millennials, traveling is much like breathing – it’s a necessity to live a truly fulfilled life because their youth thrives on experiences and cultural immersions. In fact, it’s been said that millennials would rather spend more on travel than on long-term tangible investments like real estate and cars. This growing lifestyle trend among young travelers is the reason why renowned luggage brand American Tourister has shifted its gears to cater to this growing yet underserved market.

Unlike other travel cases, American Tourister luggage are now designed to meet the needs and preferences of even the most seasoned millennial traveler.  In fact, instead of the usual stoic traditional suitcase designs, American Tourister now sports a vibrant, young, fun, effortlessly sophisticated yet internationally appealing look – luggage that not only looks extra but also truly complements every millennials’ YOLO lifestyle.


With the launch of its newest signature luggage, the Curio, more young travelers, young families (or even those young at heart) will surely appreciate how American Tourister thoughtfully created these eye-catching, cleverly functional yet durable travel cases. At only 2.6 kg and made from polypropylene material, the Curio is lightweight, strong and perfect for young globetrotters who enjoy long-haul trips yet do not want to be weighed down during their travels. What’s more, its hardy enough to withstand the rigors of rough handling at airports or ports, or from being loaded with dozens of keepsakes from each travel adventure.


Young savvy travelers will also find the Curio collection ideal for their needs since it lets them appear put together, worldly and remain focused on the most important thing during their journey which is making memories.  After all, how can anyone be in the moment and take a selfie or post the sights on social media if you have to mend a broken wheel or tape up damaged zipper?

Millennial travelers also don’t have to worry about losing their bags in a sea of black. The Curio’s one-of-a-kind textured casing inspired by the sound waves’ ripple effect on water and sand, plus its vibrant hues ensure that your suitcase reflects your personality and stands out.


The Curio collection is a definite must-have for those with travel goals that even the globetrotting prolific goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo chose the Curio as his constant travel companion. As seen in American Tourister’s “Bring Back More Campaign” the Curio is both handy and sturdy that it allows every traveler to bring back more at the end of each travel.

If you’re giving in to your wanderlust, opt for a travel case that can keep up with your spirited lifestyle like the Curio collection.  Curio spinners come in lively colors like golden yellow, spicy peach and denim blue that can surely inject more fun and energy into even the most long-winded of trips. The Curio collection is available in all fine department stores and travel specialty shops nationwide.

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